Product Feature: The Growth Package

One truth we all come to realize as parents is the ever-quickening pace our little ones grow and change. The desire to capture these precious moments in time and save them forever is of high priority. What many don’t know is that Liz by Design Photography offers a growth package that includes photography sessions for Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months - with a FREE 1- year photo session.

Here are a few quick tips/ideas to know for each session:


·      Keep your newborn awake 1 hour prior to the photoshoot

·      Make sure your little one is fed well, prior to the shoot.

·      In general, newborns sleep best between 10am – 2pm so this is the best time to schedule these shoots.

For more information, including what to bring to your newborn shoot click here.



·      Mom/Dad and siblings are always welcome in all shoots. This is a great time to get first-interactions with siblings as by 3-months your little one is more likely to be awake during the shoot.

·      Either ½ studio ½ outside or full studio shots are recommended for the 3-month session because your little one will most likely be laying down for most of the shots.

6 month photo.jpg


·      Keep note of milestones your baby is making. Be sure to mention these with Liz as she can capture them in the shoot.

·      By six months, your baby may be able to sit up on their own (unless they are premature) they have probably become experts at rolling over, and are laughing and smiling those cheeky grins – all of which make for great photo opportunities.


·      At 9-months many little ones are crawling pros and may be able to stand with assistance. Photos in action with siblings and mom/dad are great for this shoot.

·       You may want to bring their favorite toy they love to play with for a few of the photos.

·      Since they are moving so much now, be sure to bring plenty of snacks and a drink for your baby as he may get a little hungry and thirsty even during the session.

1 – Year:

·      It’s that time! The 1-year photo session. It’s becoming very popular to do 1 year photo sessions with a cake smash.

·      As for all sessions, except newborn, make sure you little one has had a good nap! Well-rested babies make for happy shoots J

·      If you are doing a cake smash, make sure your baby has tasted something sweet like icing before. Even though we think everyone* loves sweets, this isn’t always the reaction Liz sees when doing first-time cake eater’s photo shoots.

·      Be original. Bring something to the 1 year shoot that is special to you and your family. Liz always encourages you to make it your own! It will be more meaningful in the long run.

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